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Enabling management to implement their corporate visions

The Summit Group is a management consulting firm which delivers programs that cause unprecidented results

Each initiative, whether working one-on-one with an executive or with an entire organization, is custom-designed to match our clients’ exact needs. The work is lasting in the difference it makes since it transforms people at the core.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Designed to significantly impact participants in their ability and capacity to lead and to bring about a fundamental shift in what they see as possible, in themselves, and in the organization. This is a program for mid level managers and emerging leaders who are moving into an expanded management role and who are seen by the organization as future senior leaders.

TEAM PERFORMANCE BREAKTHROUGHS: Designed to enable a group of people to significantly impact performance. The program applies to senior level Project Leaders and Managers who are accountable for producing results that are critical to the business.

VISION & STRATEGY: Designed to give access to tomorrow’s opportunities; creating and designing a new future and a pull for the fulfillment of that future. This is a program for senior level executive teams charged with the re-invention of their companies and committed to building an organization that is built to last.

EXECUTIVE COACHING: Our Executive and Leadership Coaching Programs  are designed to work with already proven performers who may be currently struggling in a new accountability or who are ready for a breakthrough in their leadership to produce extraordinary performance with others.


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