A New Science of Leadership

Reading any of the thousands of books on leadership, or even formally studying leadership at top universities do not leave people being a leader. That's because leadership doesn't get accessed through understanding - it is tangible and real and shows up in the world expressed as an as-lived experience, without having to remember strategies or techniques to apply.

The Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership Course has been continually developed for the last 10 years by Harvard professors, philosophers, scientists, doctors, consultants and thinkers; cracking the code on what it is to be a leader, and creating a new science of leadership that has been taught all over the world.  

The Being a Leader & the Effective Exercise of Leadership Course is designed to significantly impact participants in their ability and capacity to lead as a natural self expression. This course brings about a fundamental shift in what participants see as possible in themselves and in their organization. 

This is a program for leaders of all levels who may be moving into an expanded role and who are seen by their organization as future or current senior leaders. 


A Future That Wasn't Going To Happen Anyway

As a leader, it is imperative to become as innovative as the innovators. What is the access to creating a breakthrough culture of adaptability and innovation in your organization? 

The Creating A Future From The Future Initiative is designed to provide members of an organization with access to creating and designing a future that is informed by the past yet not tethered to the past. Organizations are able to free themselves from their unseen constraints that ultimately prevent them and their organizations from achieving unprecedented results. When a group creates from nothing, anything and everything becomes possible and true creation begins. Standing from that created and aligned on future allows for clearly defined and necessary milestones to arise for the group. A natural pull for the fulfillment of that future emerges. 

This is an initiative suitable for any high-performing or senior level executive team looking for their next breakthrough. Particularly effective with teams charged with the re-invention of their organization, this work provides access to constructing a future that was unpredictable. 


Executive & Leadership Coaching

Our Executive and Leadership Coaching is designed to work with proven performers who may be in a new accountability or who are ready for a breakthrough in their leadership to produce extraordinary performance in themselves and with others. 


We work with clients to unleash their natural leadership and management capacities. Our process includes discovering and dissolving the ontological constraints that unknowingly constrain the client's thinking, communication style (speaking and listening), and ways of being and acting. 

Clients are left with the ability to:

  • think and create from a platform beyond what is possible now;
  • effectively communicate in a way that elicits an unprecedented level of activity in others; 
  • build championship teams that are consistently effective and fully self expressed;
  • deal powerfully with situations or projects where action has been stalled or interrupted;
  • resolve upsets efficiently (their own and others).